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The Weird and Wonderful Customised USB Drive

16th January 2017 | News | Jonathan Packer

At the turn of the millennium, global conglomerates IBM and Trek Technology created the first generation of USB flash drives – overriding the traditional floppy disk with its streamlined look and massive storage capabilities.

metal USB series

Today, USB sticks have come a long way. Fast-paced advancement means that the USBs are cheaper, hold much more storage space, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some – like the nice guys at Flash UK – have even made a hobby out of creating weird and wonderful customised USB drives!

Below, we pay homage to some of the wacky and inventive USB drives that we have available, to give you an idea of the different ways that you can customise your USB drive with us…

Write and record

A multifunctional USB flash drive, the ballpoint pen range enables owners to write down their thoughts, while simultaneously saving them to memory. The ballpoint pen USB series can be laser engraved, silk painted or printed in full colour – how versatile! Good for writing, great for storage.

USB ball pen seriesFlash Drive Ball Pen SeriesUSB Flash Drive Pen Series

Guitar hero

This is a fantastic purchase for music lovers, with embossing capabilities should you desire. We can also create a host of musical instruments for you depending on your personal tastes – simply draw or send us your design and we’ll custom make it for you.

Customised USB Drive Guitar

Portable polar bear

The polar bear flash drive splits in the middle to reveal the USB head – a great gift for animal lovers, zoos, children, etc. If the polar bear isn’t your cup of tea, how about a monkey, a lion, a parrot or a goat? Let us know which animal design you would like and we’ll custom make it!

A dentist’s delight

Dental Flash Drive Novelty Series

Want a USB flash drive you can really get your teeth stuck into? This unique tooth-shaped USB stick is perfect for dentists. But Flash UK doesn’t stop there! If you are looking for a custom design – maybe an eye, some lips, an ear or a nose – we can custom design any USB!

What’s your tipple?

This nifty little USB stick comes in the shape of a Heineken beer bottle, but we can also produce a variety of beverage-shaped flash drives, whether you want a can of coca cola complete with a straw of a fancy cocktail with a slice of lemon.

Heineken Bottle USB Novelty Series

One for the logo lovers

This Adidas USB is perfect for sports enthusiasts or sports gear retailers. We can customise a range of logos and brands – contact us directly to find out more.

The human touch

We have a range of specialist flash drives in our ‘people series’. From doctors and nurses, to surgeons and superheroes, our people USBs can be silk painted or printed in full colour to suit your requirements. Simply pop off the head to reveal the USB stick. If you are looking for something else – maybe a teacher, baker, fireman or businessman – we can help you design just about any USB!

A credit to the custom design

Fancy a credit card USB stick? No problem, we can custom make one for you! Many come with retractable heads to keep the device safe and secure when not in use. Our credit card USBs are flat and can fit easily into your wallet like a normal credit card. This flash drive comes in plastic or metal, and can be silk printed or printed in full colour.

Get your custom design with Flash UK!

Basically, we can design just about any custom USB flash drive depending on your requirements! Get in touch today to find out more about our unique designs, for a quote, or for further advice about the importance of branded USBs for your business.