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Toy Story 2, Backups, and Why Custom USBs Rule

5th October 2017 | News | Grace Jalowiecka

 Custom USB Backups

Today we’re taking the time to tell you a story:



Remember the year 1999? Prince’s 80’s classic, 1999, got played more than it ever should

have; Y2K was an actual, real fear; and Pixar blew us away with their Toy Story sequel –

managing to do the impossible and make a film even more charming than the first.




Jog your memory?




Due to this charm, Toy Story 2 was a worldwide phenomenon.

It dominated our screens. Thus, many hold it dear to their childhood.

But did you know that months before its release it was almost lost?




Let us paint a picture for you:




A member of Toy Story’s developmental team walked into their

WiFi-free office: CD player attached to hip, shell-suit top to bottom,

and of course, fiercely anxious due to Y2K. Due to his Y2K-related anxiety, 90s Pixar man

wasn’t performing at his best. He was dropping pens. Spilling coffee. Calling

people on the phone when others were using the dial-up broadband.

He was generally being a mess.




Get it together, 90s Pixar man




Pixar man, in his anxiety-ridden state, got on his computer –  connected to the server where

Toy Story: The Toys Get Even Toyier was stored (What? That was the working title…)

 – and accidentally typed in R-M-* into the command section. If you don’t know,

this is the Apple shortcut for delete all. So, as instructed, the computer began to delete all.

90s Pixar man had caused unadulterated calamity.




Oh, 90s Pixar man



The office erupted. ‘It’s gone?!’, ‘Call the servers!’, ‘Tell them to unplug!’, ‘Stop deleting our work!’.

They did. They couldn’t stop the tenacious power of R-M-*. 90s Pixar Man had deleted Toy Story 2 from Pixar’s servers.







After this, they did all they could to save the film… They couldn’t – their in-office backups

had corrupted. They decided to confront the project manager.

‘We’ve deleted it all. The backup’s corrupted. It’s all gone. We don’t know what to do.’








‘It’s all gone! What do yo… Wait. I have a copy’. The project manager had recently

given birth, and therefore, worked a lot at home. Consequently, she had a

copy of the film at her home work space. It was on her hard drive. Disaster averted.








If it wasn’t for the project manager’s backup on her hard drive

Toy Story 2 may have been delayed a year or two, or even worse






Back in the 90s it was hard drives.  Since then, USBs have been invented. And they’re pretty damn strong. They now have the total capacity to backup all our files. 

Here at Flash UK, we suggest backing up all your important files in several locations – and what better locations than our branded USB sticks?! With Flash UK, you can make your own personalised custom USB perfectly suited to your use. 

Perhaps these branded USB sticks could save your company in the same way Pixar’s was saved. That’s why they rule! They save things! Like Superman! You need your entire staff, pool of students, marketing network, or whomever to have these custom USBs, so they’re backed up and secure!


Why don’t you pick some up.

(this story is totally factual)