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Top care tips for your USB flash drive

3rd February 2017 | News | charlie@media-street.co.uk

If you’re reading this, you are probably aware that we design, create and sell flash drives – the ultimate computer accessory. Therefore, it’s probably no surprise to hear that we have come across plenty of damaged USB drives in our time.

top care tips for your flash drive

The information stored on your flash drive may be incredibly important, and losing data can be irritating and, in some cases, quite detrimental. To avoid unnecessary loss of information we have decided to put together this list of useful tips on how to care for your flash drive.

With these few simple steps, you can ensure that your USB is as longevous as the Queen Elizabeth II’s reign on the throne!

1.Keep safe when not in use

When you are not using your flash drive, store it in a safe place. This means keeping it away from high temperatures, other devices that may produce magnetic emissions (such as your mobile phone) and obvious stuff like water, fire and dirt.

2.Cover the connector

We are referring to the metal part that you use to insert into a USB port. Keep this covered when not in use to avoid damage or breakage. This will also ensure dirt and dust cannot accumulate inside the device.

3. Insert with care

Ensure the system has completely booted before inserting the USB drive to prevent shock that could damage the device. Do not force the drive into the port and check that the port and connector are evenly aligned.

4. Remove the right way

You should ALWAYS eject the USB drive using the ‘safe to remove’ option. Removing the flash drive prematurely can cause serious damage, resulting in loss of information or corruption. Do not remove the flash drive while file transfer is in progress.

doctor-novelty-flash-drive5. Do not leave it plugged in

Do not leave your USB plugged in when not in use. For whatever reason, this may cause irreversible damage – maybe your cat has decided to pounce on it whilst you are out of the room, or your little cousin has started using it as a chew toy, for example.

6. Avoid weighty designs

If you are designing a custom flash drive, you may want to avoid creating one with heavy objects, such as keyrings, lanyards, whistles and bells. If you add too many heavy features, this may cause pressure on the connector, causing it to bend or snap.

7. Conduct a regular scan

Computer viruses are known to hide in your data. If these are not properly attending to you could end up with corrupt files, which make it unfit for use. Using an anti-virus software can prevent this from happening – simply insert your flash drive and perform the anti-virus scan.

8. Software is hard on your USB

Running software on your USB uses up a tonne of memory – way more than just saving documents. If you do intend to run apps on your USB drive, however, consider using an inexpensive device and do not store important files.

9. Do not defragment

While you should perform a regular defragmentation on your laptop or PC, NEVER defragment your flash drive. This does absolutely nothing for your USB – it doesn’t make it perform faster or more efficiently. In fact, it is a sure-fire way to lessen the longevity of the drive.

10. Back it up!

Even with all the safeguards in the world in place, there may still be a chance your flash drive will become damaged. To avoid losing all of your data, install a flash drive backup software that keeps a copy of your information on your computer.

11. Two’s companycustom-usb-drives-blue-pink

Another way of ensuring your information is kept safe, is to use two USB sticks instead of one. Place your important information of each – that way if one becomes damaged or broken, you have another. A little extra security never hurt!

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