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The Best Customised USB For Your Business

13th June 2018 | News | Grace Jalowiecka

So you’ve decided you’d like a customised USB – one of ours, specifically. Makes sense, they’re nifty pieces of kit. We’ve talked extensively as to why they would benefit most businesses. Initially deciding you simply want one, however, is the easiest part; now you have to decide which specific one. A tough challenge considering the wonderful, diverse selection we have.

We have multiple series of customised USBs, each of them perfect for varying types of businesses. Considering, you’re probably lost at what one to choose! Taking this into account, below we will explore each series and say what businesses they are best suited to.

Wooden USBs

For us, a wooden customised USB implies perhaps an eco-friendly USB. However, that doesn’t have to be their only meaning. If you scroll down to the bottom of Wooden USB page, you’ll see there’s a barrel-shaped personalised USB and also a cork-shaped one. So, if you’re a winery or perhaps an alehouse or even a whisky supplier, you could use those USBs. Of course, you can additionally have your logo either engraved or printed on these USBs as well.

Personalised USB

Metal USBs

It is most often tech companies that order our metal customised USBs. We think their clean, sleek aesthetic comes across well for a company that wants to be seen as tech-savvy and pragmatic. So, if you’re in computing or something of the sort, then we recommend taking a look at our eclectic range of metal personalised USBs.

Classic Metal USB

Leather USBs

Leather insinuates wealth and class. Much more so than wood, metal, and plastic, that’s for sure. This customised USB is undeniably the best for businesses who handle a lot of money or those who perhaps want to ooze sophistication. As always, these USBs look a lot better with your logo on them. If you really want a home run, get the devices pre-loaded with company info.

Leather Silver Customised USB

Credit Card USBs

Credit card USBs are the most popular choice for photographers simply because it works the best to showcase their work. They often have their details printed on the USB and then their pictures pre-loaded onto the USB. A very 21st-century business card.

Personalised USB card

Novelty and Custom USBs

If you’d like your USB very specific, just send us your design and we’ll 9 times out of 10 be able to do it. Here’s a personalised USB DHL had done with us not too long back. It is perhaps the most impressive route, this one.

dhl lorry customised usb

Flash UK | Britain’s Best Customised USB Supplier

So there you have it. Of course, you don’t have to follow these recommendations, we implore creativity when it comes to the designs you choose! If you have any questions or would you like to request a quote, give us a call or use our online contact form.