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Organise your University Studies with Flash UK

27th September 2018 | News | Grace Jalowiecka

The summer holidays are almost over, and many of you will be heading back to university to continue your studies. Whether you’ve been living in and out of fields watching epic bands, travelling the world, catching up with loved ones, or sinking your teeth into work, it’s time to start thinking about all the things you’ll need in your arsenal to kick-start this fresh academic year.

At Flash UK, we understand how daunting it can be to juggle university deadlines and commitments, leaving all of your work to the last minute. So, ensuring that your files and computer essentials are organised with custom USBs will alleviate the stress of managing that work-life balance. If you’re looking for a few handy hints to keep you on top of everything, we’ve created this handy list of top tips to get you back into the swing of things.


Perfect your academic planner

Day planner for university

Keeping a diary or planner is a simple yet effective way of staying on top of all your seminars and lectures, as well as your coursework deadlines and important dates. Of course, you can also use a planner to make a reminder of fun stuff too – friend’s birthdays, varsity nights, drinks down the pub – but (ahem) mostly for course-related stuff, we hope.

If planners feel a bit ‘old school’, you could always make your own calendar on the PC and save it on your very own USB drive. Whatever works best for you. Once you’re in the habit of checking your availability/due dates, you’ll be student savvy in no time.


Find somewhere safe to store your work

flat powerbank

Being the master’s of the USB sticks, Flash UK know all too well the importance of finding somewhere safe and secure to store all your uni work. Many of us must access information whilst on the move, especially at university when you likely moving between lecture, library, and home quite a bit. We have just the thing!

Our high-quality range of novelty USBs come in so many customised shapes, sizes and colours, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Want a purple USB stick with your name engraved? We’ve got it. Silver robot USB? Polar bear USB? Doctor/Nurse USB? We can help. Get in touch to speak to us about safe alternatives when storing your work.


To-do or not-to-do? That is the question

Keeping to-do lists is a great way to take the stress off your crammed brain and offload all of your tasks into one space. Buy a notice board for your room or some pieces of paper to dot around the house so you can see in crystal clear vision everything that you are required to do.

If you have many tasks to complete, try breaking them down into themes or section (e.g. ‘chemistry work’ or ‘English reading’) rather than tackling it all head on. Not only will it help you stay focused and productive, but ticking off each item as you complete it will give you an enormous sense of achievement – ahh the small things!


Life’s like a box of….tools?

Small USB Case

You heard right. We like to think of life like a toolbox, full of compartments and sections dedicated to the important aspects of your life. This should be no different for uni work. Compartmentalising is key!

Folders, binders, plastic wallets, boxes, even colour-coded USB sticks – these are music to our ears. In addition, USB sticks can help to keep all your lecture and seminar notes in one place, keep track of reading lists, even utility, and rental bills. Furthermore, our USB packaging will create a safe home for your newly customised USB, meaning it will be identifiable amongst your bag full of reading books!


Think you might need that USB stick?

Give us a call on 01896 750536 and we can give advice and information about the best options available for you. All of our USB products come with a low-price guarantee, a 10-year warranty, and free delivery. Last but not least, we hope you enjoy your new year at university and wish all students the best of luck!