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Flash Drives Pivotal To Student Happiness?

19th September 2017 | News | Grace Jalowiecka

Are you missing out?

Flash drives are paramount to modern life. There are no two ways around that. Whether you’re using them to charge your phone or to invite people to your wedding, most people are using them for something. This is why they’re integral to existence in a modern age.


This necessity, of course, extends to university life. Students are mostly known for lounging around, drinking, and distinctly not studying. We all know this stereotype is a caricature of the truth – people who haven’t been students speaking facetiously. Students are actually bright, determined, and conscientious individuals.

Individuals that are now joining university are of course part of the tech generation – this means many of them are already using flash drives for a multitude of reasons. Here are 5 ways why having flash drives available to students is pivotal to their production levels. See if you’re missing out:


Storing Your Dissertation


We’ve all heard the hundredth hour horror stories: ‘I was on my 7887th word, just about to my 7888th, and then my mate spilt his coffee all over my Mac. I ran to the University’s IT department – they said there was nothing they could do. Macs don’t take liquid well, to my demise.’ Do you really want this to be you? Having to type out all those 7887 words all over again? When you could be raking in the last glory days with your lifelong buddies back at your shared house. You don’t want this to be you.


Storing Bitcoins


Bitcoins: the currency of the future. This crypto-currency has caused a storm for having some unlawful uses, it does extend beyond that, however. You can use bitcoins to buy a coffee, your shopping, a t-shirt, a plant; to be honest, you can use bitcoins to buy anything. With the current generation of students being tech-orientated, you bet many of them are using bitcoins. What better way to store them than on a branded flash drive. This way, they’re not prone to freak accidents and have a much longer lifespan than laptops and computers.


Computer Lag


It’s 11:57PM; you’re smashing your laptop, trying to speed it up so you can get your assignment online. Hey, we’re not judging. You work better closer to the deadline – it’s fine. What isn’t fine is your lag-ridden laptop. You think it’s that slow because it’s old? Well yes, it is. But it doesn’t have to be that way. RAM, or internal memory, is what influences the speed of our Netflix machines. The more RAM you have, the more programs you can run at a quicker speed – the less, the opposite. With a flash drive however, you can place your programs on that, ultimately keeping your laptop as quick as Usain Bolt. That 12AM deadline’s no longer a problem as you whizz your way through to Turnitin. Happy student. Happy university.


Music Library


Students work better to music, or at least they think they do. Whether they do or they don’t, music whilst working is 100% pivotal to happiness. Take a student’s music, and be prepared to, well, be prepared for them to say something under their breath. But what they said sure is mean! A flash drive can obviously be used the entirety of your music library. Many students work on notebooks or tablets, this obviously minimizes their storage. Therefore, a custom USB can come very much in handy.


Embarrassing Pictures


This one perhaps may seem petulant on paper. But these memories that students are forming, they’re invaluable. And as history tells, when one believes they have something invaluable, they must find the more secure location for preservation. An intolerable fortress. A perfect use for flash drives, no? Our USBs are the most durable you can find. They have the potential to see through hundreds of years.


This is just five ways custom USBs can keep students happy. As said, they’re part of a tech generation, and thus, new uses will surely emerge each and every day. We recently posted an article on how they’re relieving oppression. This level of innovation will only continue, especially in our universities where creative thoughts bounce off the walls and resonate with the deepest echo – too much?


Here at Flash UK we make the highest quality, personal flash drives in the industry. And evidently, flash drives make students happier, so why don’t you pick some up and make your students the happiest around.