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Flash drives, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways

29th August 2017 | News | charlie@media-street.co.uk

flash drives, how do I love thee?

Emails and Dropbox are great for file sharing, but flash drives are quicker, more efficient and more secure. These versatile little gadgets are wonderful for numerous reasons. They are hard-wearing and great quality when you buy them with the right supplier – like Flash UK! Below, we’re going to show you some of the great things about flash drives.

Why we love flash drives

They are portable

Plug it into your computer, save your files, take it out again (safely, of course) and bada-bing, bada-boom, you’re good to go. Because flash drives are small, they are easy to carry around. Pop it in your pocket, your handbag, rucksack, heck, you can even put it behind your ear (probably). Some of them come with a keychain you can store it on your set of keys. In addition, their durability makes them perfect for carrying to and from places.

They have memory

High-quality flash drives usually come with an abundance of memory – somewhere in the region 1-128 GB. Of course, when purchasing USB sticks, you will need to consider how much memory you require. If you want to store a few work documents, for example, a smaller memory would suffice; if you are hoping to transfer an entire library of films, music and e-books, you’ll require something a little bigger. We can help you here, just get in touch for more information.

They are compatible

USB flash drives can be connected to a vast range of devices. From standard Windows PCs, laptops and Apple computers, to netbooks and even some tablets. Today’s devices usually come with a built-in USB port for accepting all manner of USB products. And if that wasn’t enough, many USB flash drives come with dual memory card reading capabilities.

Purpose made apps

The great thing about portable, purpose made apps for the USB stick, is that they don’t need to be installed on a computer. The data can be installed directly onto the flash drive, opened whenever required and terminated once closed. Plenty of apps – such as games, web browsers, image editors and other office software – are built to run off a USB stick and can be easily booted with minimal hassle.

Low power usage

Because they don’t have any moving parts – unlike hard drives which require several motors in order to spin the disk platters – USB flash drives consume little power. This is great news for your energy bills, but also makes USB sticks way more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Custom USB flash drives

You can also make your USB stick totally customised, making them a great gift or promotional tool! This means that you can choose the colour, size, style, material, logo and design that you want. Whether you’d like a professional-looking metal USB or a novelty flash drive, Flash UK can produce just about anything you like!

Contact Flash UK today

We specialise in creating custom USB flash drives and promotional power banks for a range of high-end businesses, including Toshiba, LG, Dolby, Jaguar, Nissan, DHL, Alfa Romeo and ITV. We have the lowest price guarantee, with free delivery and rapid turnaround time on all products. Get in touch today on 01896 750536 or fill out our online request form here.