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Flash Drives for Freedom: How USBs are transforming oppressed nations

5th June 2017 | News | charlie@media-street.co.uk

A few months ago, we compiled a list of creative ways to use your custom USB flash drive. These unique accessories provide a low-cost, portable options for storing your files, documents, videos, music and images.

flash drives for freedom

In fact, most us probably have a few lying around at home! If you do, there’s an exciting new way you can make sure they don’t go to waste…

Transforming USBs into political tools

An innovative company, Flash Drives for Freedom, has been established by the Human Rights Foundation, a not-for-profit based in New York, and Forum280, a non-profit organisation from Silicon Valley.

Their mission is to collect as many flash drives and SD cards as possible, with the aim of loading them with subversive information – books, internet content, news, films – and give them to people living in North Korea – a country famed for having limited internet, stringent government censorship, and no independent media.

Each year, these two organisations collectively smuggle 10,000 flash drives into North Korea, but by working together on the Flash Drives for Freedom project, they hope to dramatically increase their efforts and equipment.

How does it work?

1.Send your flash drives, or even better an old company stockpile, via mail.
2.Flash Drives for Freedom will erase any residual information and fill the flash drives with e-books, films and news from the outside world.
3.The drives are then secretly brought into North Korea.
4.Citizens will be better equipped to take stand against Kim Jong-Un’s propaganda.

How can I donate?

The project will accept just about any size, colour, shape or branded USB flash drive. All they ask is that you post your unused USBs to the following address:

P.O. BOX 268

You can also donate funds to the team so that they can purchase more USB flash drives here.

Information is power

In the future, we could see this method being used in other oppressed nations, bringing attention to places that have previously been ignored and aiding people to recognise their individual rights and freedom. As the information spreads, it is hoped such projects can bring change through education and information.

Contact Flash UK today!

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