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Flash Drives for Freedom: North Korea Update

14th May 2018 | News | Grace Jalowiecka

Just under a year ago we published an article detailing how flash drives are being utilised to bring enlightenment to those suffering from fascist regimes. A non-profit organisation’s idea was to place Western media on flash drives, much like ours, and then somehow get said drives to the people of North Korea; endowing intellectual autonomy, assisting in their battle against the destructive powers that control them. It was all the noise, winning several awards. It also illustrated the power of custom USBs, something we’ve detailed previously.

A Lot Has Changed Since Then

In what can only be considered a shock to the entire world, South Korea and North Korea have recently held peace talks. The fact they were in the same room is shocking enough, but the talks magnificently took place in South Korea. Where Kim Un Jong, a historically aggressive man, was even suggested to have acted submissively and appeared to hold reverence towards their supposed anathemas.

After the meeting, South Korea agreed to take down the wall of speakers they had placed at the border – perpetually playing a variety of popular music and world happenings, an attempt to penetrate Kim Un Jong’s knowledge embargo. And North Korea has made promises to commit to denuclearisation. A progressive stride towards the ultimate goal of Korea-wide peace, one has never seen before.

But Flash Drives for Freedom Continues

The reservations many have is that whilst this is a huge step in the direction many of the world do want, even if North Korea’s self-esteemed leader Kim Un Jong does agree to denuclearisation his people will still be obscenely oppressed. And for this reason, fights against his regime continues!

Whilst since these recent developments flash drives for freedom haven’t commented on the situation, the idea continues in South Korea. Former North Korean political prisoner, Jung Gwang-il is continuing to send custom USBs to North Korea. How? Well, it’s placing the USBs in plastic bottles hoping that the northward tide will bring the oppressed people clarity of mind.

flash drives for freedom

Want to contribute?

1. Send your flash drives, or even better an old company stockpile, via mail.

2. Flash Drives for Freedom will erase any residual information and fill the flash drives with e-books, films and news from the outside world.

3. The drives are then secretly brought into North Korea.

4. The North Korean Citizens will be better equipped to take stand against Kim Jong-Un’s propaganda.
How can I donate?

The project will accept just about any size, colour, shape or branded USB flash drive. All they ask is that you post your unused USBs to the following address:

P.O. BOX 268

You can also donate funds to the team so that they can purchase more USB flash drives here.

Flash UK

A cause we can obviously back, we’re more than happy to advertise this wonderful cause. USBs are a very diverse entity and this simply is one of the uses they can have. Why don’t you have a look at the wide range of designs we have? Want to supply your own design? No problem, we can even preload the device with information. Give us a call if you’d like to know.