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Custom USBs to promote your business

18th April 2017 | News | charlie@media-street.co.uk

Ditch those flyers, keyrings, pens and magnets and try a new form of brand exposure for your company. Why not consider using custom USBs to promote your business? Promotional flash drives bring your marketing campaign into the 21st century, and give your business a boost of professionalism and modernity.custom USBs to promote your business

What is more, they are the gift that keeps on giving! Where pens run out of ink, flyers end up in the bin and magnets serve little purpose other than to jazz up your fridge, the USB stick can be used over and over again. And every time your customers use the flash drive, they will be reminded of your business – simples!

Why choose custom USBs to promote your business?

Since the majority of people own a PC, laptop or tablet, the custom flash drive can be utilised by many. This can gain you instant brownie points with your target audience, and provides a surefire way to gain new customers.

While USB devices give you the opportunity to hand out information about your business, they also present your customers with a way to store their own files and information to use at a later date. Most people benefit from the use of a USB stick, and creating custom USBs to promote your business will keep your company at the forefront of people’s minds.

Adding your logo and business contact information to a custom USB flash drive creates a greater impact. At Flash UK, for example, you can choose from a wide selection of materials – wood, plastic, rubber and metal – as well as a range of designs – animals, credit cards, bottle openers, just about anything! All of which contribute to helping your business stand out.

Why not attach a keyring to your custom USB stick, or fit it inside a ball point pen? These are just a few of the designs you can choose from – we have many more!

Save promo materials on your USB flash drive

Gone are the days of handing out reams of paper materials. Even the most loyal and genuine customers are going to find it difficult to keep wads of pamphlets, brochures and magazines. Embrace the digital age and store all of your company’s information on one single USB drive.

Loading your USBs with promotional information will help potential customers learn more about your business in their own time and at their own leisure. Whether you choose to add a product catalogue, a digital brochure, company videos or photos or just your contact information, USB flash drive companies can even upload this information for you – doing all the hard work so that you have more time to promote your business.

Find out more about how branded USBs help your business here.

More benefits of the custom USB flash drive

While promotional tools such as pens and magnets may be cheaper, they serve very little purpose and are prone to being thrown away after a short period of time. Similarly, branded clothing goes out of fashion or alienates those who do not like the style or quality of clothing. For that reason, these products a less likely to stay in your customers’ thoughts.

The USB flash drive has more longevity than any of these products, as well as offering the owner more options for personal use. If used frequently, these tools can also play a huge role in people’s daily lives.

The very fact that the custom USB flash drive is portable, means that your brand is likely to be seen and recognised in more places – such as libraries, schools and universities and offices. Whether your customer carries your business USB on a keychain, lanyard or uses it in their work computer, they will be promoting your company without even realising!

How can Flash UK help you?

At Flash UK, our main aim is to provide you with a comprehensive, innovative solution to your promotional needs. Or USB flash drives are well-made, manufactured to the highest quality, and come in a range of sizes, shapes, colours and designs. Ensure your company is receiving the visibility it deserves and get in touch with Flash UK today for a quote/further advice and information.

Use custom USB flash drives to promote your business, and we can help you ensure your brand and company are never forgotten!