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Our Custom USBs Know No Limit

13th February 2018 | News | Grace Jalowiecka

Not too long back we published an article on our most popular and best novelty designs. We love those designs; we believe they have the potential to take your brand to lands you didn’t even consider possible. However, everyone has their own demands – we know that. We understand that there are many niche companies with USB and promotional needs similar to more mainstream brands, and from first sight, it may seem as if we don’t have any designs appropriate for you. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you.

With us, no matter how odd or bohemian, you can get custom printed USBs. Simply send us a design, we’ll see whether it’s possible, and then get back to you with a quote for how much it’s going to cost you.

Reasons for Getting a Custom USB


Internal Storage Use

When we mass produce custom USBs for clients we often ask what their use is. I guess you could consider us noisy, but we like to see it as inquisitive. Most of the time their answer is promotional use; custom USBs are a great way to build a brand. We’ll discuss that more later.

However, it isn’t always promotional, sometimes it’s for internal use. Ex-clients have told us that having custom USBs within a workplace boosts morale. Say you get a new staff member: it’s their first day, you show them their desk, the fire exits, all the first day norms. However, at the end you hand them their very own custom USB with their new workplace logo on it, there’s no denying that’s going to make them feel more at home than without.


Now the most popular use: promotional needs. They say custom USBs are 21st-century business card. Whilst we somewhat agree with that, we believe the statement is rather short-sighted. Custom USBs are much more than a business card; yes, they can literally have your name on it and act as a reminder in the same sense as a business card. However, you can put copious amounts of information on them. We can even pre-load information on them.

Custom USBs

Let us explore a few possibilities surrounding that prospect

Preload with Company Promos

You could perhaps preload the company promos, like for example, a computer wallpaper with your company’s brand on it – or perhaps a phone background.

Staff Intros

Company websites often have staff introductions; these are usually very brief. If you take the same concept, but transfer it to a USB, it transcends. If you were giving the USB to a new staff member, you could go in-depth with your staff members personalities and how they can help the new staff member.


You could even pre-load the branded USB with a few of your company’s articles. The toughest obstacle brands will tackle is gaining a personal connection with your clientele. Articles are a great way to do this.

You can place some of these on your custom printed USB. If done, you will instantly have a connection with your customer. There’s no denying that won’t resonate with them. You’ll separate yourselves from the pack.

Handshake Custom USBs

Flash UK – Custom USBs

We’re here to help mobilise your band. With us, you can only grow. If you’d like to find out more about our custom USB making process, get in touch using our online chat, email, or give us a call. We’re always ready to answer your questions.