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5 Custom USBs That Will Impress Your Clientele!

18th January 2018 | News | Grace Jalowiecka

We have a fine collection of custom USBs here at Flash UK. Whether you want a playful custom USB; whether you want a corporate image USB; whether you just want your brand to look darn good: we have a design for any situation. And obviously, you can print your custom logo on these USBs too, making your company look swift and trendy!

Today, due to our superlative choice, we’re going to run you through our best custom USBs available!

The Tee

Custom T Shirt USBIf you’re a clothing company looking for promotional content, this choice is an obvious one. Even without your logo, it’s a sleek aesthetic. Now imagine your logo on there too, it will knock your customers out. We can pre-load information on these USBs too! So whatever you wanted to be put on there is totally doable. Perhaps some free phone wallpapers? Or maybe even a song or two. You could even have a hidden internet link on there. That’d be very original. (Click here to enquire)

The Key

Blue Key USB

Say you’re an estate agent that needs to give vital documents to your clientele, you don’t want to have to hand them a stack of papers or a folder. If you hand them this particular custom USB, they perhaps won’t question your agent fee as much. They might speak highly of you. Additionally, your companies just going to look great too. Much better than everyone else that’s for sure. (Click here to enquire)

The Becks

Blue football boot USB flash driveWhy do we call it The Becks? The beer? Nope. Because of Goldenballs of course. This particular branded USB stick has the white three stripes on it; the white three stripes that David Beckham made famous. So what company could use this USB? Well, any sporting brand could, really. Football teams could also. It’s a great looking USB. (Click here to enquire)

The Tractor

Red tractor custom USB stick

When thinking of technology one’s mind doesn’t exactly go to the agriculture industry, does it? However, the industry’s a multi-billion one, so to think they don’t use such items is not only ignorant, it’s foolish. This custom USB is perfect for those who own farms and want to sell their produce. It could also be perfect for those who build tractors. Or garages in the countryside. To be frank, there are many situations where this USB would make tremendous sense, as it’s so great. (Click here to enquire)

The Shred

MTV Guitar custom USBs

For those rockers out there, The Shred is one of our most popular options. It looks great and suits a huge market: the music industry. Whether a band needs some creative promotion; whether a guitar seller has a similar need; whether a guitar repairs centre also has a similar need: as stated, it’s perfect for the music industry. Don’t like the aesthetic of The Shred? How about taking a look at The Groove? Our alternative guitar design. (Click here to enquire)

Flash UK – Custom USBs

And these are only our novelty designs (psst, we didn’t even cover all of them!). If you wanted any information on how your brand and be printed on these designs, feel free to get in contact with us. We’re here to help! Our prices cannot be beaten, our promise.