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Creative ways to use your custom USB flash drive

17th March 2017 | News | charlie@media-street.co.uk

They say the best things come in small packages. Well, this is certainly true for the custom flash drive. This versatile little device has SO MANY creative uses, but many of us may not be aware of just how capable the flash drive actually is. Perhaps we do not give this small, unassuming gadget the credit is deserves…

Creative ways to use your USB flash drive

10 epic ways to use the USB flash drive

1.Lock & unlock your PC

creative ways to use a flash drive

The free PREDATOR application transforms your USB flash drive into a ‘key for your PC’. When your computer is not in use, simply unplug the USB stick and your computer will lock automatically. Plug it back in and your computer will unlock. Similar to using the lock function in Windows, but without the need of a password!

2.Keep sensitive information confidential

keep senstive information confidential

If you are using your USB flash drive to store important/sensitive information (bank details, passport information, contracts, etc.), you may want to consider encrypting this data so that no one can access it. Free apps such as TrueCrypt can ensure your information stays secure.

3.Speed up your PC

speed up your PC

Running lots of programs on your computer can cause it to run slowly. If this sounds all too familiar, you can use your flash drive as extra RAM, ensuring your system runs smoothly. Any flash drive is capable of this function, and to find out more, you can follow the easy steps of this tutorial here.

4.Fix a virus infected computer

fix a virus infected computer

If your PC is riddled with viruses and boosting has come a difficult task, you can install AVG Rescue CD Software onto your flash drive. This piece of software enables you to scan for viruses and recover files all from your flash drive. See how to use free antivirus tools without needing access to Windows here.

5.Connect to wireless networks

connect to a wireless network

Enhance your reception dramatically by saving preferred Wi-Fi settings to your USB flash drive. Click the wireless icon in your Windows system tray, right-click the wireless network you want to use and select properties. On the connection tab, select ‘Copy this network profile to a USB flash drive’, then click next and Windows will copy the settings across to your USB stick. Click setupSNK.exe file to install your network on the computer.

6.Mixtape revival

mixtape revival

For years, people have exchanged cassette tapes and CDs as presents. The homemade compilation is still considered to be one of the most intimate, personal and romantic gifts you can give/receive. Why not put a modern twist on this, by saving a playlist on a customised USB flash drive – bring back the mixtape!

7.Create a portable arcade

create a portable arcade

PC games can take up tremendous space on your computer. And there are plenty of game emulators out there for those old school consoles you used to play. Why not install your games on a flash drive and run them through your device? By placing them on your USB flash drive you can carry a portable arcade of retro games everywhere you go. Keeping all your games on one flash drive will allow you to ‘plug in and play’ wherever you want. How nostalgic!

8. The digital time capsule

create a digital time capsule

Looking for a unique and creative use for your USB flash drive? Create a digital time capsule by filling your thumb drive with a collection of photos, documents, music, movies, video clips, etc. and compile the epic tale of your life through the eras. Give them to children or grandchildren, or keep them for memories sake.

9.Put together a travel kit

put together a travel kit

Going travelling? Place all of your travel documents, travel guides, maps, lists of places you would like to go, details on accommodation, books you want to read, and visas – to name but a few – on your USB flash drive and have a world of information at your very fingertips. Easy to store, doing this will ensure you don’t have to lug hard copies around.

10.Run apps

run apps on your USB flash drive

Windows users can store their favourite programs and files on their flash drive, without the hassle of booting into a new operating system. Download the app and run the program on your device through your flash drive – or boot it directly through your drive.

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