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How Branded USBs Create a Consistent Brand Image

5th February 2019 | News | imogen@media-street.co.uk

Having a consistent brand image is key to a professional business, no matter its size. Consistency helps to streamline your business both internally and externally, and it can make you a lot more recognisable in the eyes of the consumer. There are a number of elements that can add consistency to your brand, such as your company website, logo, office/store design, business cards, advertisements, and branded items (such as clothing, cars, mouse mats or branded USBs).

Odd one out

Make a Statement at Your Next Business Event

If you’re attending a business expo or networking event, you’ll likely prepare a number of marketing elements to take with you, such as a selection of business cards or a display banner. But why not personalise things further with a branded memory stick? This way you can look professional when giving a talk or demonstrating your business to others. It’s also a great form of continuous marketing; if you take a handful of branded USBs to the event, you can give them out to people and whenever they use them in future, they will be reminded of your business – an excellent and cost-effective marketing technique!

Holy Twister USB

Flash UK offers custom USB sticks that are completely customisable to suit your business. We don’t just stick your logo on a standard USB stick; instead, we offer a bespoke service that means you have the option of a unique design and housing unit for your USB device. Not only that, but our 10-year warranty guarantees that your promotional USB sticks will stand the test of time, and our free UK delivery helps you keep your costs low.

New Business Promotion

Personalised USB card

Branded USBs are also great for promoting new businesses as people will always keep your device around so every time they see it, it will act as a little reminder of the products or services you offer. Plus, they are a great way to create a professional brand image and promote your business at meetings and events.

Our Credit Card USBs are a unique and interesting way to promote your new business. We have a range of styles available so you’ll be able to find the perfect design, whatever your requirements call for. You could also try one of our USB pens as they are multi-purpose and ideal for taking to a business conference. They are perfect for making your new business stand out from the crowd, making yours a name to remember.

Choose from a Range of USB Packaging Options Too

Don’t stop at a branded USB stick; we also make USB packaging so you can further refine and promote your brand. Choose from our range of boxes and cases to suit your requirements and make a statement at your next business event.

The Advantages of USB Packaging:

  • Discreet safety of personal files on your USB
  • Decrease chances of theft or loss
  • Protect USBs from damage
  • Add to your professionalism


Add Consistency to Your Brand with Flash UK USB Products

So, if you’re looking for a branded memory stick to help to promote and streamline your business, look no further than Flash UK. Our range of branded USB sticks and USB packaging options mean that we have something for every business, whatever you require.

For more information or to order your branded USB sticks, contact our friendly and knowledgeable team today.