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Who benefits from USB flash drives?

14th July 2017 | News | charlie@media-street.co.uk

Over the years, USB flash drives have dominated the storage device market. Once occupied by hard-disk drives and SD memory cards, the USB stick has become one of the most popular methods of storing and transferring computer data – documents, sound files, videos and pictures.

who benefits from USB flash drives

Who benefits from the USB flash drive? Well, everybody! But how can they be utilised by different industries, businesses and individuals? You’re going to find that out in this next Flash UK article – enjoy reading, and do get in touch if you’d like us to help you out with your custom and personalised USB stick requirements.

Who should be utilising USB flash drives?

Below, we are going to look at the benefits of using a USB flash drive, as well as the people and companies that can benefit from them. If you can think of any more, we’d love to hear from you.

Students and educational faculties

There’s nothing worse than getting halfway through a university assignment in the library and realising you have nowhere to store your incomplete work. Enter the USB flash drive. Save and transfer all of your work to uni, to your digs, to class, even back home to work on that report over Christmas.

Universities and educational facilities can also benefit from purchasing USB sticks for their students and staff. Fill these nifty devices with relevant information about the campus grounds, events taking place, news about the university and the local area, or even to store training programmes, timetables, rules and regulations.

Marketers and advertisers

The promotional USB flash drive is a marketing professional’s best friend. These are one of the best promo gifts you can give out at events, exhibitions and to your client base. Not only are they long-lasting and keep your brand in people’s mind, but they are also useful and, therefore, likely to be utilised rather than thrown away!

Help boost the growth of your business and the companies that you work for by purchasing some custom USB flash drives and handing them out to new and existing customers.


With a huge amount of free game emulators for classic consoles available online, as well as game ROMs that use very little disk space, the opportunity to carry games on your USB drive has become more simple than ever before.

Create your very own portable arcade and take your games on the move with a USB stick. Simply connect to any PC and run the game directly from your USB drive depending on your location. All your archive will be saved of the USB.


Singer/songwriters no longer have to worry about transporting computers and laptops to and from the studio to bring their latest samples to life. Simply pop those first draft recordings onto a USB stick and take them with you – connect to the studio’s high-tech devices and turn those raw sounds into top hits!

Alternatively, you could consider giving fans and listeners the chance to hear clips of your latest tracks by uploading them to promotional USB sticks with your brand. You could even pop then onto a custom USB stick with your favourite instrument, like this awesome electric guitar USB.


Whether you are the photographer at a wedding, christening, birthday party, concert, festival or fete, the small yet mighty USB stick could come in quite handy. Upload all of your photos to one place and keep them safe until you get the chance to review them on your computer.

In addition, USBs offer photographers the opportunity to let guests at a wedding, for example, choose their favourite photos before having them worked on or printed in high-quality. They even make wonderful keepsakes for people on their special day and can be engraved and personalised for any event.

Business personnel

Preparing for a meeting or presentation and need somewhere to store your notes and slides? Why not upload them to your super USB flash drive and keep them close by at all times.

Whether you connect the USB to a computer for all your coworkers and colleagues to see, or you hand them out during the meeting so that people can take away information and view it in their own time, a USB could be the trick!

Looking for custom USB flash drives?

At Flash UK, we design, manufacture and supply an extensive range of high-quality USB flash drives that can be tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you require a wooden USB with engraving, a bottle-shaped novel design, an animal, logo or a simple sophisticated metal drive, we can accommodate any need.

Call Flash UK today on 01896 750536, or drop us an email at sales@flashuk.com. You can also fill our online enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.