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5 ways to utilise your promotional USB flash drive

15th May 2017 | News | charlie@media-street.co.uk

We’ve said it many times before. A custom USB is a great way to promote a business, organisation or brand. They have gained increasing popularity over the years given that they are powerful, efficient and have multiple uses. That’s why we’re going to show you how to best utilise your promotional USB flash drive!

promotional USB flash drive

Innovative ways to utilise your promotional USB flash drive

Custom USB flash drives can be used by a range of industries, and are the perfect gift for clients and customers as they can be used by practically anyone who owns or frequently used a computer. Find out how you can use promotional USBs to drive you next marketing venture or advertising campaign.

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1.Promote exclusive content

Have you written an e-book and fancy sharing a snippet to entice potential readers? Perhaps you want to share a song or some music with your fans? Or maybe you have a favourite speech or company video that you want to tell customers about? Why not put this unique content on a promotional USB flash drive? This is a great way to create buzz about your product or service, and, once the content has been viewed, the user can store their own personal documents.

2.Great for meetings and conferences

Perhaps you are going to speak at a conference, or maybe you are hosting an important meeting? Keep your speech, notes and files all in one place with a custom USB flash drive. You can also give these as gifts to people attending the convention or meeting so that they can go over your presentation or information in their own time. This is a great way to keep your information at the fore of people’s minds and in a memorable way.

3.The digital ID card

Want to tell people all about yourself, your business or your products/services? Create a digital copy of your contact details – the name and address of your business, website links, your personal contact info, social links and relevant email addresses – and people will have all of your important information in the palm of their hand. This can help to create extensive networking links and leave a lasting impression.

4.Everyone loves a freebie!

Imagine you are at a tradeshow or expo and want to give people an insight into your company, your values and objectives. If you are trying to promote a particular service or product, for example, why not add some digital or printable coupons to your USBs and hand them out to passers-by? This gives people the option to access, download and print your information rapidly, yet in their own time.

5. A most welcome, welcome package

Whether you are a university looking to give students a welcome package, or a business wanting to impart knowledge about codes of conduct, company objectives, handbooks and ‘about us’ information during an orientation day, promotional USBs can be the ultimate tool. This can also include welcome letters, maps, things to do in the local area and FAQs. Uploading this wealth of information on a custom flash drive will enable students or employees to read it in their own time, allowing you to free up your time for more valuable projects, and avoid bombarding people with too much info.

How can Flash UK help?

These are just some of the ideas we have to help you make the most of your promotional USB flash drive. As technology specialists, we have been providing high quality, personalised USBs for people and business for nearly a decade.

To find out more about our extensive range of custom USB sticks, get in touch with us today and find out how we can help you grow and develop your business.