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5 of our Kookiest Custom USB Drives

28th January 2020 | Buyer Advice, Custom USBs | Billy Rooney

At Flash UK, we pride ourselves on the variety in our custom USB drives. Providing high quality USBs that stand out in any environment whilst also maintaining an emphasis on performance and usage capabilities, is what we are passionate about. Here, we will look at five of the most kookiest USBs that we provide. 

The Widest Range of Custom USB Drives

Silver Pen USB

From stylish, uniquely designed ball pen USBs to people and character USBs, we supply a vast range of USBs that are free from the normal shape and colour restraints you get with other providers. What’s more, we promise free UK delivery, low price guarantee and a 10 year warranty on all our USBs. You will not find a more comprehensive provider of custom USB drives in the UK!

Consider A USB Credit Card 

A USB credit card is one of the quirkiest kinds out there! We have two featuring in our 5 top kookiest USBs, yet we have many others in our complete USB credit cards range. Check out the two featured USBs:

Modern Pop Out USB Card

The Modern Pop Out USB Card will certainly make you stand out from the crowd! A highly popular choice due to its edgy appearance and the possibility to have it as silk printed or full colour printed. Interested in purchasing this unique USB? Head to the dedicated product page to fill out an enquiry form or place your order over the phone. 

Retractable Head USB Card

Retractable Head USB Credit Card

As a leading USB with retractable head on the market today, the retractable head USB card comes in a wide variety of stand out and favourable colours. Other features of this USB credit card include:

  • Available for the six day rush service
  • Pantone matching available
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 85mm x 55mm x 2mm
  • Also available as a metal USB


A Customised USB Should Stand Out – The Other 3

Now that we have examined two USB credit cards, let’s take a look at a different sort of customised USB in the form of person:

Little Business Man USB

This customised USB – the little business man USB – is a great conversation starter in both a professional, social or any other type of environment. Store all of your important business information inside a mini businessman! The key elements are:

  • Available in many colours – please enquire about availability online, by email or on the phone.
  • How would you like your little business man? Full-colour printed, silk-printed, transfer printed, or laser engraved?
  • Dimensions of this customised USB – 80mm x 30mm x 10mm.


The Shuffle USB

the shuffle usb

It may not be one of the kookiest USBs in our range in terms of its appearance – but the shuffle USB has some outstanding features, making it eccentric in its performance. The many capabilities of this custom USB drive include:

  • Hot plug and play
  • Supported on multiple operating systems including Windows, Mac OS and Linux
  • More than 1,000,000 times of usage
  • Optional extra – built-in password security

Learn more about this product, take an extended look at similar custom USB drives and enquire about purchasing today via the shuffle USB official page.

Silver Robot USB

This custom USB definitely is one that will turn heads in the office, library, at home, or wherever you take it. The key features of this custom USB include: 

  • The silver robot USB is a fantastic product and can be laser engraved, silk printed and full-colour printed
  • Can be personalised – an ideal Christmas, birthday anniversary or any other type of gift!
  • 10-year warranty
  • Comes with extras such as a keychain – message for more information if you wish to learn more


Custom USB Drives that Excite, Inspire & Shock!

Contact us if you wish to find out more about any of the kooky and unique USBs that have featured in the article. Why not browse our list of product ranges whilst you are with Flash UK?