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10 interesting facts about USB flash drives

29th May 2017 | News | charlie@media-street.co.uk

facts about usb flash drives

USB flash drives have fast become the most common mobile storage method. Used to store documents, videos, music and films, this multi-purpose device has superseded the compact disc and even the DVD. But many of us aren’t aware of the full extent of their capabilities. That’s why Flash UK has put together this list of interesting facts about USB flash drives. We hope you enjoy reading about these awesome tools!

The facts about USB flash drives

1. A device of many names, the USB flash drive is also sometimes referred to as a memory stick, keydrive, pendrive, thumbdrive or jumpdrive.

2.The USB stick was invented by Amir Ban, Dov Moran and Oron Ogdan, who all worked for Israeli tech company, M-Systems.

3.Trek Technology and IBM were the first to start selling USB flash drives 1.0 and, later, 1.1, in 2000.

4.The highest capacity USB flash drive 3.0 today is 2 TB – released by Kingston, and know as the Data Traveler Ultimate GT (generation terabyte).

5.You can load Windows 10 from a USB flash drive – a nifty way of upgrading your old version of Windows! Click here for more info.

6.USB flash drives can be encrypted to keep files ultra secure and private.

7.Between 2016-2017, North Korean defectors shipped several thousand USB flash drives containing banned content such as South Korean soaps, Hollywood films and global news to the country, with the goal of spreading information about the outside world to North Koreans with limit access to the open internet and telecommunications.

8.Researchers from the Uni of Michigan and the Uni of Illinois conducted a study whereby they dropped USB sticks containing HTML files that have img tags embedded in a nearby car park. They found that 48% of the flash drives were picked up and plugged them into a PC. 68% of users failed to take any safety precautions or scans. We did an article on USBs in universities.

9.Most USB sticks weigh less than 30 grams, making them portable and easy to take on the move.

10.Flash drives are immune to electromagnetic interference, and they remain unharmed by surface scratches.

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